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Meet Dr. Stephen Lippitt

Chiropractor Belleville, Dr. Steven LippittA Chiropractic Patient Since Childhood

Thanks to an uncle who was a chiropractor, Dr. Steve has been a chiropractic patient from a young age. It was the same uncle who explained to him how chiropractic is different: that unlike any other medical profession, a chiropractor looks for the cause of a problem and to remove pressure on the spine and nervous system. “It’s like a kink in a garden hose. The water won’t flow until you remove the kink.”

Dr. Steve watched his mother, father and sister suffer from health challenges. For various reasons, they had no choice but to rely on surgery and medications.

I’m passionate about inspiring others to live a life without needless drugs and surgery.

Chiropractic has always been a part of Dr. Steve’s lifestyle. “I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t get adjusted.” To this day, he gets an adjustment regularly and will always notice a difference if he goes a few weeks without chiropractic care.

Training, Education and Memberships

For Dr. Steve’s undergraduate studies, he attended the University of Calgary. Following that, he went to the U.S. to attend University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. He graduated in 1996 and returned home to practice.

Dr. Steve is a past president of the Quinte Chiropractic Society. He is a current member of the Alliance for Chiropractic and the Canadian National Alliance for Chiropractic. The additional qualifications he holds include a certification in the Webster Technique and Advanced Proficiency certified in Torque Release Technique®.

I love adjusting people and connecting with them. You can feel the tension melt away when they’re on the adjusting table. There’s nothing better than hearing patients tell me they’re getting their life back.


Taking on New Challenges

When most people hit their 40s, they might think their life is winding down. That was exactly the point Dr. Steve decided he wanted to try something new and began training for triathlons. He has completed six half IRONMAN® races and is training for more.

Dr. Steve’s family includes his wife Elizabeth, daughter Victoria and son Simon. He loves watching Simon play basketball and playing music with Victoria. Elizabeth is a voice studies professor at the University of Toronto.

Passionate about music, Dr. Steve has released a CD of original music and loves to write songs and play guitar. You can also find him swimming, running, hitting the gym or taking advantage of sunny days by taking a bike ride.

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